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Brandusp® specialise in all aspects of design rights,
trademark and IP, product IP and legal 

Brand Protection  

Protecting your brand is as important as creating it! Brandusp® are leaders in all aspects of Brand Protection and legal litigation disputes, to support a claimant or as part of the defence, from Trademark and IP protections, to designs and digital securities.

Trademark & IP Protection 

Surprisingly, most British businesses don't have a trademark or an IP. Brandusp® has the knowledge and experience on how best to register and appeal against trademark & IP examinations, also how we can implement these protections to your advantage to challenge social usernames and domain uses.

Design & Digital Protection 

Brandusp® knows how important your design assets cost to create, so we've many ways to help keep them safe and will provide advise on further measures to protect your brand, design and digital works.

Product IP

Your products IP is as valuable as your brands! Product IP is what your product is, the ingriedients, the flavours and the breakdowns that form your product. Brandusp® work with the right food developers that grant full disclosure and rights to your IP!

Legal Accreditation's

There are many hoops to jump through when bringing a product to market, from legal licences to legal content for packaging, Brandusp® will guide you through all aspects to make sure you are compliant and set for correctly for market.

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