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Product Development.

Brandusp® has the experience and contacts
that are critical to develop your product.

Product Development

It is rare to discover a product that hasn't already done, but this doesn't mean there's not an opportunity for your idea to succeed. A combination of the right brand, the product type or even a twist in flavour can set your concept apart. Brandusp® is a crucial part of your early days, to guide and define, which will give your product the ultimate chance of making it it to market. We provide the full service, from development to full production, if required.

Taste Development

Once the brand has caught the consumers attention and purchased, it's all down to the taste! Brandusp® works with several UK leading taste specialists that know how and what is needed to achieve our goal. From our initial briefing and research development, taste trials will be carried out to discover that ultimate taste sensation.


As much emphasis is placed on the brand and the product, so must its container, the wrapping and print, but sourcing these can be a challenge of it's own. Brandusp® has created invaluable relations with bottling, cardboard, lids, toppers, seals and food rated print suppliers that will prove to be a huge benefit to our clients. Brandusp® knows who to contact that will save time and money and deliver the right consumable for you.


Recipe Development

Brandusp® works with various food development specialists, flavouring houses, food production sites and distilleries to create your product. Working with the works carried out through our taste sensation process, your recipe, your IP can be built and ready to be commercially made.


Buyer Opportunities

Brandusp® works with several food and drink clusters that provide market opportunities through trade shows, to meet the buyers. We also have an array of contacts that are merely a call away, from making the dream a reality.



Good distribution will be key to your success. to be able to deliver on time through the right means, which is some cases are limited if your product is perishable or breakable. Brandusp® has key contacts that can provide local and National delivery services.

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