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Want to be more involved in your brand? 
Do you want your team to know more about branding?

Expert brand training from BrandUSP.


Brand Training 

BrandUSP has built a series of training programmes to give businesses more of an in-depth understanding of this new global trending word 'brand'! 

With so many ideas of what brand is and what it means, Best Brand Agency wants to put the record straight! as for business owners, directors and staff, our everyday duties are driven by brand, it's our job, it's the way we look, walk and present at what ever level you are in the business.

The programmes are designed for basic to advanced and can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Level 1 Branding 

The first programme is to examine the meaning of this power word brand, what is and how does branding work! The programme is designed as an introduction and can be expanded on with the various levels offered. Level 1 will help to put the basics in place and show how it effects everyone in the workplace.

Level 2 Brand Development 

BrandUSP knows that everyone will have some degree of experience or knowledge or perception of what brand is, but be surprised, even brand and design agencies continue to mis sell and mis inform. Level 2 is as you would expect, more advanced and designed to help team members develop their own knowledge and skills to implement into the business.

Level 3 Brand Strategy 

Brand Strategy is where nearly everyone gets it wrong, Level 3 is our most advanced programme for educating owners, directors and key team players to carry the brand forward. Once you have had your nice polished brand and a defined plan for strategy and marketing has been delivered, you need need to know how to implement, this level is designed to bridge a seamless synergy with a brand agency to maximise our joint success.

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