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What is your brand? A brand goes beyond your company name! it’s the colours you choose, your logo, corporate identity or mark, your persona and how this works collectively as one.

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Graphic Design 

BrandUSP has been creating commercially since 1990, for every single business type know! we are heavy weight designers, enriched by our founder and renowned brand specialist and designer, Julian Nelmes. Our design works can be seen across the UK, from all aspects of printed matter, including, brochures, leaflets, folders, business stationery, reports, if it needs a design, we can deliver beyond your expectations.

Website Design 

As we have been designing websites before the words 'Google', 'Facebook', 'Instagram', 'YouTube', 'Ebay', 'Twitter' were even an idea! We have a team of truly the best in this field, and build depending on individual requirements and budgets, not what suits us! A website is the principle window to sell and showcase your website, so make it count! every time!


BrandUSP provides all aspects of hand, digital illustrations, from cartoon characters to property sitemaps. An illustration can add a new angle to your brand and help to sell a story or to enrich your image.

Photography & Videography 

BrandUSP has been providing and working with third party photographers & videographers for 30 plus years! Only now is the content, the design and quality impeccable to a successful brand, its this images and moving art that grabs our attention in saturated places, no better example is social media. With the evolvement of technology, video is still very much a medium of the future.

Large Scale Design 

BrandUSP loves to design BIG! we have designed and artworked many forms of striking designs, the bigger the better! which shows off our design and our clients brand. Design works such as billboards, exhibitions, signage, vehicle liveries.

Conceptual Ideas 

BrandUSP is built on ideas! we are at our best if we are given a white canvas, a new concept, whether a business service, the next .com or product, we have the experience to make things exciting happen and work! 

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